Consulting and Coaching
1. Solve specific problems
2. Get answers to immediate questions
3. Personal marketing coaching
Michael Bloch works with businesses across the United States. His clients are owners of independent pizza businesses of all types and sizes.

Marketing Coaching

Michael offers coaching prograns that allow clients to work with him over a period of time. Clients meet with Michael over the phone once or twice a month for about 45 minutes per session. Some clients, those who are really agressive about increasing sales, meet twice a month. Coaching clients are also able to have questions answered by email on certain days of each month.

Michael can only accept a few new coaching clients each year. Please call Michael at 585-234-8245 or send an email to him if you would like to be considered.

Telephone Consulting

Michael is available for private consulting. Consulting is done over the phone by prior appointment. He will call you so you do not have to pay any long distance charges.

Michael will answer any questions you have. Consulting calls are typically used by clients who have a specific problem must be solved as soon as possible. Call Michael at 585-234-8245- or send an email for further information

Build Customer Loyalty
Learn how you can increase sales with our automated system for selling more to your current customers. Learn more.

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